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Underfloor heating is considered one of the most efficient ways to evenly heat up properties especially ones with large open plan areas.

Underfloor heating works at lower flow temperature which  saves energy and it makes it more cost effective to run in comparison to conventional radiators regardless of the type of heat system you've got. This makes it a great match to a heat pump heating system due to its high heat output at the lower flow temperature. 

Here at heatversity we are able to supply and install different types of hydraulic underfloor heating systems depending on the individual property specifications. We work with different manufacturers to ensure we cater for all types of projects. 

Radiator heat circulation pattern

There is a fundamental difference in the way the heat is distributed in a room using underfloor heating as opposed to wall hung radiator. Below you can see the different heat circulation patterns between the two. 

radiator heat pattern

Underfloor heating heat circulation pattern

Below you can see how a room is evenly heated using underfloor heating with the warmest air at the bottom where it is most noticeable while occupying the room. 

underfloor heating heat pattern

Flat panel hydraulic underfloor heating

This type of underfloor heating is best suited for retrofit projects due to its low installation height of 18mm. It is also suitable for flats and property floors off the ground level where thick layer of screed is not possible to be applied.

It also heats up the space quicker in comparison to a traditional hydraulic underfloor heating.  

flat panel hydraulic underfloor heating

Traditional hydraulic underfloor heating

This type of underfloor heating is best suited for new build projects where you are able to apply thick layer of insulation below the pipe loops and apply thick layer of screed above it. This provides the indoor space with evenly distributed heat with long lasting effect which makes it very efficient. 

underfloor heating
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